Individual Therapy

We provide individual counselling for adults  in the areas of: 

  • Childhood and complex developmental trauma
  • Relational trauma due to infidelity
  • Religious trauma
  • Attachment wounds from childhood
  • Dissociation 
  • Chronic stress, anxiety and burnout in high pressure environments (e.g., academia, medical field, mental health workers etc.) 
  • Caring for palliative animals/pet; losing a pet or working in animal welfare positions 
  • Chronic pain
  • Sexual health: We are kink, poly and sex worker friendly
  • Strategies for parenting and self-care for parents who are parenting children with disabilities. 

Services are provided in person or virtually for Alberta residents. Services can be provided virtually for Yukon and Nova Scotia residents.  

EMDR Therapy

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR), is a  technique to help reduce the impact of distressing experiences from the past that have continued to intrude or impact your present-day experiences.  

The experience of trauma may overwhelm our ability to cope effectively at the time of our trauma, and the experience gets stored in our memory system differently, and in ways that make it difficult to respond as we typically would. We may develop negative ways to think about ourselves in relation to trauma (e.g., “ It is my fault”), and these negative beliefs/thoughts may influence how we think about ourselves or how we act in other situations.

This therapy involves the use of bilateral movements (either with eye movements or use of tactile taps) to help process memories. EMDR aims to reduce the intensity of the negativity associated with past traumatic experiences. 

The result of EMDR can be that we release what is unhelpful and distressing from the experience and take away what is helpful and adaptive.

EMDR Is not for everyone and it is important to discuss EMDR with your therapist so they can let you know if it might be a fit for your need


Jenn provides clinical supervision to provisional psychologists in Alberta.

Clinical supervision is a distinct psychological activity with the purpose to foster a supervisee in their development as a psychologist and to ensure client wellbeing. 

If you are a provisional psychologist looking for supervision, please email Jenn directly to determine fit and availability. 

In your email, please include a resume/CV (please be sure to include the schooling, dates of schooling, references, practicum placements and pertinent counseling/clinical or service provision work) and where you are in the CAP process. Please ensure that your interests are aligned with Jenn’s interests and competency.


Consultation is a distinct from supervision, and is an important activity for psychologists to engage in. Ongoing consultation is good for psychologists to gain another perspective on a client, maintain  self awareness, problem solve tricky clinical scenarios and ethical dilemmas. Consultation is between two peers, and contains no evaluative process such as in supervision. In consultation, the consultee is responsible for critically reflecting on anything discussed in the session and responsible for any choices they may make. Consultation can be one time or ongoing. 

Some common areas I consult about:

  • ethical dilemmas
  • managing private practice
  • trauma
  • strategies for children with disability or mental health diagnoses (Eg., ASD; ADHD/ADD; OCD; GAD; executive functioning difficulties; attachment)  
  • EMDR Consultation – coming soon!  

Please email Jenn directly to check if she can help with what your seeking consultation for.